Got questions about how the Safe-Mate Dryer does what it does? Learn more here in our FAQ’s section to have all your questions answered so that you know that you are getting the highest quality and safest dryer on the market today.

Q: Since it uses less heat, does the Safemate Dryer™ take a long time to dry my clothes?
A: No. The Safemate Dryer™ doesn’t rely solely on heat to dry your clothes and will dry clothes fast while using less heat!  Its important to note that to dry clothes quickly, gas and electric dryers typically utilize high temperature heating systems to reduce dry time, however the Safemate Dryer™ dries clothes fast while using “less” heat and this means greater safety and convenience to you.

Q: I don’t understand, how does it dry fast with less heat?
A: To dry wet clothes, a dryer must cause the water molecules inside your clothes to undergo a change of state (vaporization), and this produces water vapor or wet air.  The wet air is then exhausted (vented) to the outside.  However, vaporization can occur faster by two means:  using more heat or reducing the pressure exerted upon the water molecules.  The Safemate Dryer™ dries fast by using a combination of heat AND less pressure to speed vaporization.

Q: Do I still need to clean my lint screen?
A: Yes, we recommend that you always clean your lint screen after each load and that you maintain an unobstructed exhaust vent as well to maintain dryer performance. However, the Safemate Dryer™, by using less heat does not create as much lint, and your clothes stay brighter and last longer before replacement…which saves you money.  Remember, the lint your throw away is what came from the fabric of your clothes.  Therefore, less lint means…longer fabric life!

Q: Does the Safemate Dryer™ require special maintenance?
A: Aside from routine cleaning and general maintenance as prescribed in the Owner’s manual…No

Q: Are there special pipes or tubes that need to be connected to my dryer?
A: No. There are absolutely no tubes, pipes or cables that protrude to or from the Safemate Dryer™ and it’s outward appearance will resemble that of an electric dryer.  All that’s required is a 240 volt power cord and a 4” diameter metal exhaust vent, just as an Electric dryer does which makes it simple and easy to install.

Q: Do I ever need to replace the fluid inside my Safemate Dryer™?
A: No, the fluid within its heating system should never need replacement under normal conditions.  If problems should arise, a qualified service technician will provide the remedies you may require to maintain proper operation and trouble-free use.

Q: How long is the warranty of my Safemate Dryer™?
A: Your Safemate Dryer™ is covered by a full  (5) year warranty against factory defect or workmanship.

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