The SAFE-MATE Clothes Dryer utilizes the DryerMiser™ heating system which was originally unveiled during the 2008 International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando Florida.  The technology works by heating up a specially formulated, non-toxic, non-combustible, and non-hazardous heat transfer fluid. This is accomplished by an “On-board” Immersion Heat Element.  The heated fluid is then quickly transferred to a “Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger” creating a large heated surface area.  The strategic placement of the DryerMiser™ heating system within the SAFE-MATE Clothes Dryer allows ambient air to be pulled passively through the Heat Exchanger picking up its heat. The heated air is transferred directly into the interior Drum of the Clothes Dryer thus drying your clothes safer, while using less energy consumption.

Increased energy efficiency is achieved when a user dries more than one load, which is typical of most users who will launder whites, brights and neutral color loads.  Because the DryerMiser™ utilizes a proprietary heat transfer fluid which retains its heat between loads much longer than a gas or electric clothes dryer’s heating system can, you save even more energy when drying “back-to-back” loads.


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