The Safemate HED2500XL Model Dryer™, our best model, heats the air to dry your clothes by using a 2500 watt heating system compared to many full-sized electric dryers which use a 5400 watt electric heater coil. The difference is better than 50% less energy required when the Safemate heating system is energized!  Additionally, the Safemate dryer’s fluid-based heating system maintains a higher level of residual heat between loads, thereby saving you more money each time you dry!

Other reasons why you should own a SAFEMATE CLOTHES DRYER™:

  • The Safemate Dryer™ is safer and will not ignite lint, even if you never clean your lint screen or exhaust vent.  If you never clean your lint screen or exhaust vent, you may lose drying performance ( for example…longer dry times), but you won’t likely lose your home to a lint fire.
  • The Safemate Dryer™ dries clothes fast while using less heat energy.**
  • The Safemate Dryer™ keeps your clothes brighter and lasting longer because it produces less lint during the drying process.
  • The Safemate Dryer™ keeps your clothes smelling fresh and clean because it doesn’t burn lint or scorch your clothes.
  • The Safemate Dryer™ provides less shrinkage when drying your favorite clothes.
  • The Safemate Dryer™ is an ”American-Made” product based upon USA technology innovation.

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